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Thread: Request for VIA Charger Pictures/Diagrams

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    Question Request for VIA Charger Pictures/Diagrams

    Hey there guys. This is one of my first forum posts, and I'm starting a project on the VIA SC44's. I was wondering if anybody had good diagrams of the VIA SC44's with the nose cones? I was wondering if there are any good diagrams out there yet, or if their yet to be found. Thanks all, any help is appreciated.

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    There is one at the site of Toronto Mainline Trains but it's different name locomotive -- AMTRAK but I am sure that Dave will get the repaints for VIA when it's available. Anyway here is the link below:

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    A great idea, but better wait until the actual Locomotive is revealed. According to reports, the Cab/Nose design is different than the US (Amtrak) one.
    Here is some publicity:
    Fleet Replacement Program | VIA Rail

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