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Thread: Searching for Hotbox Detector

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    Thanks for the info. I researched a few other pages and places for Mr Finney and got pretty much the same response. Wish he'd have uploaded this detector for others - it really is a good and accurate rendition of this style. I was able to isolate all it's parts into a single file so I can use it on a few other routes I run on a regular basis. Thanks again for the info, I'll not likely press any further myself.


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    The only thing I have seen close to what you had posted in earlier threads was in the GM&O route which I suspect he might have uses that one. I am not sure if that one would be similar or the same. Unless he had permission to use it in that route I am not 100 percent sure if it would be the same.

    However, looking through the file list it looks like it may be the one from the GM&O route. I would suggest firing up the TSRE route editor on the route and seeing if you have any ref file entries named GMO or GM&O. It would be labeled HotBoxDetector.s if it is the same one that I am thinking of.
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    It is included with the GM&OSS but some of the textures are missing.
    Shouldn't be too hard to substitute.

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    I used Shape File Manager and it gave me a list of all the parts. Have it saved to file for future reference.

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