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    I was running a high priority train from Jacksonville to Chicago.

    Along the way, I triggered a defect detector and didn't know what to do. I went into emergency. I knew that much. Fixing the issue was more difficult. I had to find axle. Math isn't helpful because you can lose track of your cars trying to zoom. Soooo.....I clicked on each car and found there is a window with the option to Fix Defect. If there is a defect with the car, one of the options will be lit. So, you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you know what to do basically. I don't know what Hi-Wide is though. My car was a piece of equipment dragging, but not a break hose.

    Rest of my photos are just my trip along the A-Line and Waycross. I started out at 4am, but didn't leave JAX Intermodal Yard until about 5:30am.

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    There is also I believe CTRL F9 (again don't quote me on this as it's been about a year now for me) that will show you car tags above your cars. As Your walking your train the defect car will have a purple tag which helps in showing you which car has the issue.

    BTW you don't have to put the train in Emergency. That should only be used to prevent massive damage or risk of life. Full service train brake is enough on a defect to go back and check after safely stopping. If you train comes apart the emergency brakes will automatically kick in.


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    CTRL-F8 will display car tags and i believe you can cycle through the car number and the tag that way

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