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    A few weeks ago I was tinkering around with making Freight Animations for locomotives and after a successful test, I decided I would try a tame project to dip my toe into freight animation creation. I settled on BNSF 4331, based off of the Scaletrains model of the same road number, as I would be able to get plenty of detail photos of its unique PTC array and exhaust storage cover.




    Video of 4331 in action on the Seligman Subdivision

    It's also one of BNSF's "franken-bonnets" that have the hood section swapped out for a H1 livery variant, which makes it a very eye catching repaint. I even replicated the fading paint around the exhaust on the hood and a few other small details that are on the Scaletrains version of 4331, like air tank rust and the sliver of faded H2 that peeks through in-between the hood and alternator section. It uses the TrainSimulations Seligman Subdivision C44-9Ws as a base.

    The Freight Animation isn't very optimized and the textures aren't very great as I'm still new to UV unwrapping and working in Blender, however I do plan on releasing it eventually. I also made a second pack that I plan on eventually releasing that adds only the exhaust storage cover to the TrainSimulations Scenic Subdivision C44-9Ws.

    On an unrelated note, my first test of modelling in Blender and importing it into Open Rails was a highly detailed - and from original blueprints - PRR keystone whistle post. I also plan on releasing this sometime, but it is also very unoptimized and overdetailed for it's usage, so use at your own risk if I ever get to upload them onto the File Library.


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    Looks great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngc427 View Post
    I also made a second pack that I plan on eventually releasing that adds only the exhaust storage cover

    Good. The 5441 already has everything the Mullan shapes provide with the exception of the missing stack cover box.

    Maybe revisit your 4723, too. We really don't have a proper model for 700-799 and 4720-4771. These should be 4 (side) window cabs without the lexan dome. 960-1102 are 3-window and no roof dome, and 1034 from Mullan is correct for those (needs just a few more antennae, tho). 1103-1123 are 3 side window with lexan dome (1109 and 1123 from Scenic are correct for those, they just come as 2-piece MSTS compatible shapes. 700-799 and 4720-4771 are 4 window and no dome and there are no proper shapes for those. We need a shape mod to flatten the dome and add the multiple antennae. 4772 and up are 4 window with dome, and the vast majority of Seligman/Mullan shapes are correct for those.

    Regarding whistle posts, do the plans show high visibility white for both sides? The modern ones made of aluminum plate really should only be painted white on the front side, and retain natural unpainted aluminum on the back sides. When you run you look for the high visibility white, and when most modellers texture the back sides as white in error, you have to wait until you are right upon it to see if there is a W or just the post attached to the back side. Running 60 mph and eyeballing for the white should be easier without the back sides being needlessly white getting in the way.

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    Nice work on the FA. Would enjoy seeing any further progress.

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    The frakenbonnets are an odd curiosity of mine-it's neat to see one in the sim featured in all its freakish glory.
    But does it have field shunts?

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