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    Hey everyone I have a mosaic issue. This is my first time using it.I tried my hand at putting dirt along my tracks but somehow when i went back to route editor the dirt was a whole tile big. How can I reduce the size so it is only on the edges of my tracks. Thanks in advance

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    You might not like my answer.... stop trying to use Mosaic. It's unsupported and might even be eclipsed by TSRE.

    TSRE has a ROW painting capability that will follow a track piece or TDB vector, and you can also hand paint roads, vegetation or ballast. I'm away from my gaming PC and can't give the specifics but there are several examples in the forums showing the how-to and the results.

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    Here's an example of what Eric is talking about.

    Albeit this is with roads but it works the same with track.
    I started out with a 40m wide grass green to represent the ditches and then applied a 20m dirt texture to give the edges of the road a driven on, deadish, look. Remember that roads have two separate rdb lines so you need to do both sides to get it even.
    No Mosaic here just TSRE's texturing feature.
    Here's some track done the same way.

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