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Thread: Can change the weather in TSRE?

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    Question Can change the weather in TSRE?

    I am wondering if I can change the weather from winter to spring or summer in TSRE. I know there is a manual but I don't feel like to dig in to find more information about this.

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    Yes John, you can change weather one activity at a time (I assume you're working with an Open Rails route):

    1. Open TSRE and load the route you want to work on;
    2. Press F4 to bring up the activity editor;
    3. At top right select "Activity List" and open the activity you want to change;
    4. Near bottom right select "Open Settings";
    5. In the box that appears select "Season" and choose the season you want -- do not close the settings box;
    6. Save changes (press the escape "X" at very top right -- a small box should appear asking if you want to save the changes you made.

    I hope I didn't miss anything!

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    You can also save the change to the activity settings using the "save activity" button at the bottom right. Useful if you want to make other changes to activities without exiting and re-entering TSRE.

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