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Thread: "Wait For A Moment" (and an hour glass)

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    Default "Wait For A Moment" (and an hour glass)

    The message we know and love - while coupling.
    and don't forget uncoupling. It is there too !

    I happen to be learning to operate the F7 on Clinchfield at the moment. But I suspect this is a general loco question.
    What is it waiting for?

    I kind of need to know what to do here. My F7 is either a) stuck in the WAIT state, or b) legitimately waiting for something I have yet to discover, or c) is programmed to WAIT for a very long time (way past my limit of patience.)
    How long is the longest you ever waited?

    Might anyone have a thought on this? Or any other interesting anecdotes?


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    The biggest problems seem to occur in the loco driving tutorials, I personally found. You have to watch the pop ups closely to see what the instructions are, then wait patiently for the ''thing'' to activate or a brake needle valve to flicker, but, it gets a bit much when the tutorial seems to hang and you have to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to come out of it and start all over again, very annoying. Not sure about this coupling/uncoupling malarkey, I normally click my cursor to watch the knuckle coupler move and the words come up that it had worked satisfactorily then walked back to the locomotive, not really had to wait for anything else, you can see if anything happens, otherwise I just keep clicking and clicking and clicking.
    Scenarios of course are a different animal altogether, some idiot started a scenario once where you had to sit and wait 30 minutes before you could move away from the platform in your passenger multiple unit, that got a short sharp thrift of industrial language from me when I went on the forum the next time, what a bloody plonker, I think he did it for a joke to see what people's reactions would be, well, he certainly got mine in both

    Cheerz. Steve.
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