I have been using TSRE5 for a little time, mainly for altering Activities and related files, but I took a jump to editing a Route, but I am not sure what I am doing is right or wrong ????

I have the MLT "Cascades Crossing [Wilamette Pass]" and running an activity, I notice they are a "bit skimpy" when they designed the route that there are a few (too many for my liking) of unnamed sidings.

I finally "braved" the Route Editor to find out the functions and method to place additional yellow siding markers in the route.

Before I started, I remember from previously editing something, I had gotten the advice from another reader to "go to TSRE5 SETTINGS and change the question "Write TDB from False to True"", but has to be changed back to prevent changing it at other times when not needed.

I placed my Siding Markers, saved the changes, then went back and changed the SETTINGS file back to False.

When I started the activity over, I was getting errors that track sections are missing from the route. I then looked at the "Tsect" file and discovered it had been wiped cleaner than Hilary Clinton?? I had a back up copy of the original Tsect file from the download program to replace the corrupt one, and route activity then ran fine.

Question.....WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG that caused the Tsect file to lose all the data???? The "TDB file" was fine, showing the new
siding markers I had just added

Thanks for the help.......any of the manuals for TSRE5 are extremely vague when it comes to procedures in Route building / Object placement, not exactly detailed as Rich Garber's Route Editor MSTS manual.