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    my editor and tools for msts has stopped working and is there a way to fix and how do use the TSRE5 consist builder i haven't quiet figure it out and suggestions


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdark34 View Post
    my editor and tools for msts has stopped working and is there a way to fix and how do use the TSRE5 consist builder i haven't quiet figure it out and suggestions

    From the TSRE manual (created and edited by Pete Willard -- found here ):
    The Consist Editor is a built-in part of the TSRE5 application. It is enabled by supplying a command line
    option to TSRE5 when the program is started. This option contains the value of "--conedit". This is step
    that is accomplished by the supplied ConsistEditor.bat file.
    • To use the Consist Editor you must have a version of TSRE5 that is V0.6124 or higher.
    • You need to edit the settings.txt file and set the path to your MSTS/OR routes/trains directory,
    Example: gameRoot = F:/train simulator
    • You run the ConsistEditor.bat file from the command line or you can use Windows Explorer to copy
    the ConsistEditor.bat file and then use "Paste Shortcut" to save it to your desktop. You can then use
    the new desktop icon to start the Consist Editor.
    People will need more specific information about the MSTS editor&tools if you expect some help with them.
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    The TSRE consist editor is pretty slick and is great to use once you get used to it. It is all I use anymore (besides direct edit of files with Notepad++) for editing consists.

    By the way, you don't have to add a specific path to the settings file. When you start up the consist editor the initial screen allows you to navigate to any directory that contains a "TRAINS" folder. That is handy if you have multiple trainsets for different regions or miniroutes. So I have mine pointing to the root folder of all my miniroute folders.


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    The TSRE5 consist editor looks a little intimidating at first glance but it is very straight forward to use and in my opinion the best consist editor I have come across so far.

    1. Navigate to your TSRE5 install directory and open the ConsistEditor batch file.
    2. Once it opens click on the grey box where it says 'Choose folder containing Trains above' and when the box pops up select the TRAINS folder in your MSTS install directory then click load.
    3. The first list will contain already existing consists and the second list contains the individual locomotives and trailers.
    4. At the top left go to file and click on where is says 'New' then enter a file name and display name that you can remember.
    5. Navigate to the locomotive or trailer you want to add and double click on it to add it to the current consist. You will now see them appear at the bottom (This is your current consist).
    6. To change the position of the carriage or motor, right click on the the carriage or motor you wish to reposition and select move left or move right.
    7. To change the way the carriage or motor is facing right click on it and select flip.
    8. To delete a locomotive or trailer right click on it and select delete.
    9. After you are happy with the consist go to the top left click file then save. You can now exit the consist editor and your consist should be accessible in MSTS.

    If you are having trouble with the consists not appearing in game after you save them, navigate to your MSTS install directory, right click on the folder 'Train Simulator' and click properties. Go to the Security tab and click edit. Change the permissions for all users to 'full control'. (This will give TSRE5 consist editor permission to save consists directly to the '\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\CONSISTS' folder. Good luck

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