Segment 6 of Amtrak's SW Chief from fall of 1995 has been submitted to the file library and should be available in the next day or so. In this segment I have also given up the premise that this activity is for both ORTS and MSTS. As I used a number of ORTS specific activity parameters in this segment, and I don't have a way to test a MSTS only version, so if you were running this on MSTS, you will have edit the activity files to make it compatible with MSTS. This is the sixth segment of Amtrak's #3 the Westbound Southwest Chief. We're now the Glorieta Sub. As with the Raton sub, the Glorieta sub does not have a lot of traffic. There is a new challenge for one stop however in this segment. (Check the readme first file to understand the challenge). The Glorieta sub ends just before rejoining the transcon so the activity ends just before rejoining the ATSF Southern Transcon.

one of the things I tried to do with this has to do with a Location event modifying an AI train wait-point. This occurs just before the end of the activity.

Anyway....Hope you enjoy...I'm working the Gallop sub now...