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Thread: Train handling and coupler stress

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    What is the maximum Klbs the train can tolerate before a coupler break? And how best to reduce stress on the front of a long train? I tried running a 7K ton, 6500ft train East bound on Cajon, and the front of the train was the red on what I assume is a measure of the coupler strain and break application Hud meter. It has E for locomotives and little boxes for cars. I tried using a DPU situated in the rear of the intermodal, and fencing. I had a reading of 350Klbs on the coupler. Throttling down helped a little. This all happened in "Piglet/Foamer" mode. I want to try in High Seniority mode, and looking for advice.

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    D series couplers 500,000lbs
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    Check this video which will help explain the "meter" you refer to.
    Sound is poor and low - let the intro clip play then you'll have to turn it way up up.

    I just ran that with an even heavier train. I fenced and all the way up I had the rear units on notch 8 and the leads on 6.

    There are other very helpful videos on YouTube including ones for starting a large train uphill and handling downhill.

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    @derekmorton and @1611mac Thanks. The information is very helpful.

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