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Thread: Detector sounds....

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    Default Detector sounds....

    I'm making an assumption that defect detectors are placed during route building. is there an easy way to "extend" the range of the dector.... What I mean is that I hit a defect detector on Bob Wirths Gallup sub, the announcement starts but it ends before the announcement completes. The announcement is a 10 sec wave sound....but you only hear about 8 or so seconds of the announcement.

    thanks for any help!

    Barry .... aka Amtrak115

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    There are some distance parameters in the .sms file that you could play with. They should be up top

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    With Open Rails you place the scenery item within the route but the voice trigger is placed within the activity ACT file. The Ruel Sub showed how that was done. I even enjoy the scanner-equipped railfan perspective.

    Of course MSTS routes like Bob's were built without this potential in mind. You cannot produce activities for both environments anymore without deliberately jettisoning a hell of a lot of that potential.

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    Download Dudley Evans & I's KD Subdivision route and take a look at the .SMS files if you are doing this for
    MSTS. By fiddling with those parameters I got it pretty good. You could also take a look at the old NS
    Pocahontas sub. route which was done back around 2005. Both are in the library. I recorded my own
    voice using the CSX format for the KD Sub. and one of the parameters determines how long to wait
    after the engine passes the detector, and another parameter determines how long to sound the message.

    Tr_SMS (

    ScalabiltyGroup( 0
    Activation ( ExternalCam () PassengerCam () CabCam () Distance (0) )
    Deactivation ( )
    Streams ( 1
    Stream (
    Priority ( 6 )
    Triggers ( 1
    Variable_Trigger ( Distance_Dec_Past 50 PlayOneShot ( 1 File ( "DD_246_3.wav" -1 ) SelectionMethod ( SequentialSelection ) ) )

    This is the .sms file (less the Unicode heading) for detector at mile 246.3.

    J. H. Sullivan

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