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Thread: Train simulator sites not for one train sim

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    You know I should post that over on my forum not to get too far off topic, but let me try and give you a good list.

    My SIM of choice right now (not trains) is American Truck Simulator. Utah is on sale this week for half off as an expansion until July 8th I think? I have the entire west coast as well as Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. I don't have New Mexico or Colorado yet either.

    Rim World is currently my obsession (though I'm finally getting out of the obsessive phase) that I seen to play every day. I heard about it and even seen screenshots. It's a 2D game and really when I look at those games now I often overlook it. But the gameplay is so in depth and wanting you to play more. You crash on this planet with a 3 person party. Your essentially looking over their shoulder like The Sims but you guide them on priorities, work schedules, construction, defense, and they go out and handle the rest. I've seen better survival games dealing with hunting mechanics but the build features, and social aspects are really cool. I recently did a playthrough on one last week, and now I have a new pair that apparently is on their way to marriage. One is a night owl so we will see how that works out.

    Lumberjack Dynasty is cool and is a great sim of the whole process. However the middle phases of this game can be a grind. Still it's a fun mechanic and something I go back to from time to time. Has the whole milling process, and also has social aspects including marriage (though I never got that far other than flirting). I didn't even get to the dating phase.

    Subsistence for me is a classic survival game I always go back to and have had for a few years I think. The scenery is awesome the hunting is cool (though the bigger animals seem to get overly aggressive when you are near by). Wish it had trading instead it has this hunter system which for some reason will attack your base but not try and loot anything. You can loot them. You can change a setting on how they behave if you don't want to deal with that nonsense but then it's just base build and find your next meal.

    Dyson Sphere Program is one I haven't played in a bit because it's a space simulation where your end goal is to build a Dyson Sphere for power. It's kind of like factorio and my world was so complex I didn't know what was where. But it's cool seeing the assembly lines of raw materials move over conveyor belts and onto transport ships etc.

    Transport Fever, Workers Resources Soviet Republic, The Long Dark, Stormworks, Kerbal Space Program, The Crew 2 are some of the ones I've played in the past but haven't for some time.

    Anyways that all I have outside the train world for now. There have been many others but that's a good list for now.



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    I am still heavily hooked into Snowrunner, although I had to start over having lost my save game in an unexpected Windows reset. Not a bad thing though, as it gave me the opportunity to approach the early game in a more organised and efficient manner.

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    I noticed yesterday that it is the Steam Summer Sale on now until 8th July, time to get the wallet out again, I think WRC8 looks a good bet, I can bomb round all those circuits at 150mph, something I can't do in American Truck Sim, what a pity......

    Cheerz. Steve.
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