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Thread: In my Google news feed today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by duiker View Post
    Based on what??? The majority of the western world you mean??? Because the western world is by far the minority in this world. Only China and India together is already almost half of the entire world population. Count the continents Africa, Latin America and Asia together, and you are talking about 75% of the entire world population, who all don't care about the so called "intellectual property" and "piracy". So how do you think you win that??? In those 3 continents people are still poor, so that is all reason to not think about things like that. As long as they stay poor, you cannot change that attitude at all.

    Don't understand me wrong, I am not agreeing that the piracy happens on anything at all. But I also travelled a lot around the world and living long enough for over 14 years in a poor country (where most people still have to live on 150 USD a month or lesser) to understand WHY it happens, and seeing clear enough why you never can stop it sadly!!! You only can stop it when the people in those countries get a better income and more welfare that we (read rich countries) keep away from them by demanding goods for cheap prices that are produced there, and transferring our economy there for the low wages the workers get (and that keeps the wages low!!!)

    We are getting into areas of social Justice here and there are so many opinions and ideas on how to address the problem,
    the ideas all depend on the politics of the presenter.

    But, as far as I can tell stealing is not one of them.

    Not judging people who feel the need to use pirated MSTS is covered by the golden rule.

    "In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you."

    Hands up those who like to be judged...


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    If you're fortunate enough to own a PC capable of running ORTS and you have regular access the internet, that "75% of the world is poor and needs piracy" argument rings more than a bit hollow.

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    What I do not understand is "How does being poor justify stealing $30 software to run on computers that cost multiple $100?"

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    This thread seems to have now gone in a whole other direction.

    Yes, there are poor people all over Asia who need uplifting, and yes the majority of Indian MSTS players can (obviously) afford a computer, so your replies all make sense.

    However, my original point, as it still stands now, is that there is no marketplace (online or offline) that sells MSTS here. The well-off people who can afford to buy a computer can of course afford to buy a game, if only that game was available for purchase.

    I think I should bring up the Railworks example again. Hardly anybody pirates that game, because it's available on Steam.
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