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    I am currently facing an issue when trying to add traffic to my activity in TSRE5. I've created a path and service and defined the traffic. I have been looking around on the forums and read something about a bug when saving the traffic to the .ACT file, so I also altered the activity start time so the traffic saves to the .ACT file.

    The problem is that when I launch the activity in Open Rails no traffic appears in the activity

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    I think that this has nothing to do with MSTS at all? You are asking about Goku's TSRE5 editor and you want to run this activity in Open Rails.

    With that said, yes there is a bug about saving activity regarding traffic. As i remember you have to reselect service or maybe traffic service, something like that. Not sure, i have been away from it for past few months.

    Good Luck.

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    there's a bug in TSRE5 when you go to add traffic to an activity file. You have to modify something in the basic acitity settings to get the traffic addition to occur....I usually add/subtrack one second off start time, then save the activity. the traffic will now add. Also if you go to modify the traffic. you basically have to remove the traffic from the activity, then re-add it.

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    Thanks for the replies. I tried deleting the AI service and the traffic then re-adding them and also changing the start time by subtracting 1 second. I've tried this multiple times but no matter what I seem to do I cannot get the traffic to appear in the activity. When pulling up the dispatcher window, the only service that appears is the player service. Is there perhaps something I can modify in the .act file to get the AI traffic to appear?

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    all of this could be handled manually,,,but it is somewhat a pain....

    here the sequence I use with TSRE5

    use trackviewer to create AI path, adding any passing paths required...
    use TSRE5 create AI Service with appropriate consist and any or no station stops.
    use TSRE5 Create Traffic file with assigned start times.
    open activity in TSRE5
    select traffic file created above
    edit settings of act file...(add 1 second to start time)
    click save. you should see ai service, ai traffic, and activity all saved.

    (you can open the activity file with an editor and you should see the traffic file added to the activity.

    if you need to change/add to traffic file

    open activity
    in the traffic pulldown select undefined. modify act settings (sub 1 second to start time) hit save. Activity should save. (manually edition activity file should show the traffic file no longer a part of the activity)
    open traffic editor...make changes. i.e. add new traffic, adjust times, etc.
    hit save....traffic should save.
    select traffic file from traffic pull-down.
    modify activity settings. (add 1 second to start time)
    hit save. Activity should save

    traffic will only appear in dispatcher when traffic start time has been reached.

    maunally edit activity file should show newly modified traffic added to activity file....

    it's a little clugy but it least for me....



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    Quote Originally Posted by hitachi37M View Post
    ... Is there perhaps something I can modify in the .act file to get the AI traffic to appear?
    Yes. You can manually add traffic to the activity file using any editor ( ConText, Notepad++, etc. ) --- look in the activity file for the "Traffic Definition" section and add another "Service Definition" ( the five numbers at the end is the traffic start time in seconds. )

    You'll also need to make up a service file (.srv) for the traffic item - the srv file will need a consist and path, so you will have to have a path ( .pat ) and a consist file ( .con ). You'll also need to add the traffic to the existing traffic ( .trf ) file or create one. The traffic file will also have the "Service Definition" in it and the time in seconds.

    Open an existing activity, service and traffic files to see how everything works.

    It's not all that hard once you've done it a few times --- made some mistakes -- and done it some more. Many people here routinely use this method, or know how to. There's more to it. A good resource for this information is here: or search the forum threads, this subject has been discussed before.

    Of course, once you get through the learning curve with TSRE, that will work as well.
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    I have no problem creating traffic. all you have to do is select your traffic file again from the drop-down list and then make a backup. in the window that opens you must have the .act and .trf files


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