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Thread: Installing Open Rails on different drive?

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    Default Installing Open Rails on different drive?

    Hi all

    I have decided to have a go at Open rails.
    Having used MSTS for many years, many computers ago, Im looking to install Open Rails.

    The default install address is C drive.
    My D drive is my preferred install location.

    How do I install Open Rails onto this drive and get it to work correctly?

    I tried to install the starter package from the open rails site, but tried to just put it all on the D drive, but obviously something is wrong, as the start up screen has all the options blanked out.

    Hopefully someone can help me. Or Ill just have to go back to MSTS.


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    Open Rails will work on any drive, mine is on the F drive. One thing is that unlike MSTS, you do not add routes or rolling stock to the OR install. You can link it to your MSTS installation by using the Options button, opening the Content tab and using the Add button to navigate to the MSTS location.

    If you installed the ZigZag route that comes with the package you can link to it in the same way.
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    Thanks very much.

    I got it to work. All the new game features look interesting. Although I find the view controls a little counter intuitive.

    And I cant work out if there is a heads out view on the steam locomotives.
    The controls are apparently Home and End Keys. but they do nothing.

    Ill figure it out as I go I suppose.

    Thanks again.

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    F1 will show you all of the key assignments.

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    I believe the number 6 would be considered a "Heads Out View"


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    Quote Originally Posted by daniellouwrens View Post
    I believe the number 6 would be considered a "Heads Out View"


    In OR, Camera #6 is the brakeman, Heads Out is Home ( forward ) and End (Backward ), some locomotives ( Diesel, but I presume Steam also ) may not have a Headout parameter setup in the eng file ... could this be the problem?
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