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Thread: How to make light objects in blender for msts?

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    Default How to make light objects in blender for msts?

    Anyone pls help me pls tell me how to make light objects like street lights, stations lights in blender for msts please reply..

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    Read the posts in the following 2 threads. These will point you in the right direction.

    Look forward to seeing your street lights. A good first project.



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    please can you tell me step by step? how to make it? please tell step by step

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    I don't believe I've seen a tutorial here that would pertain to lights. It's just a high bright texture applied to the object pretending to be the lens or lamp. It won't cast a beam, though.... just illuminates the lamp.

    The advice given in the two threads referenced above is wise - watch the videos on v2.8 and learn the tool.

    Once you've been able to build a model, exporting to the game engine is quite simple.
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