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Thread: So your opinion doesn't count if you don't use Run8

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    Default So your opinion doesn't count if you don't use Run8

    I was going to post this on my forum but what the hell. Why let half a dozen people see my so called agenda. So here it is.

    So I have a fair amount on my hard drive sitting there waiting for an update, or interest on my part to do something with again. So one of the gatekeepers of Run8 is warning a new user to Run8 to be careful of opinions that flood the forums from those not using Run8 any longer.

    There are plenty of things I've enjoyed that I no longer use but still feel they are worth the purchase. I have years of experience with Run8. Why is that still valid because Run8 hasn't changed in the time I've been gone. Many here still enjoy Run8 to this day and run it in very many different ways.

    Personally I want to encourage new users to Run8 and despite my opinions I assure you I've helped sell more copies of Run8 than scared people away. Early on while many didn't adapt to Run8 I was helping sell copies of Run8. How many of those people encouraged others to get Run8. Word of mouth advertising is very powerful. In fact it's well worth the $40 to explore Run8, check out some servers, run some sessions, and feel free to purchase more goodies once you feel it's right for you.

    In my opinion anyone new to Run8 should only get the base program first to make sure it is right for them. They will get 2 entire subdivisions, a working hump yard, and likely no resource bugs. There are however bugs the more you try to run for some people. Again nothing to be afraid of but something to keep in mind. Once they know it's right for them, add more routes and rolling stock. To me that is common sense.

    Run8 has not had any update to their website in some time which is one of my major criticisims of Run8. So you have people who are new to Run8 on places like TrainSim what I like to call the gatekeepers who try and recruit new people to their favorite place to meet and could care less about any other server out there. To me this is canerous to the overall Run8 community not me providing an honest opinion of my experiences.

    TrainSim is not all about Run8 but there are more than just what appears on the community tab of Run8 who indeed are dedicated 100% to Run8. I left my server in good hands and it still runs to this day at


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