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Thread: OR & Polygon limits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EldoradoRailroad View Post
    Hi Steve,

    Yeah - wish we had access to the 3DC exporter like they do with Blender. I had spoken with Paul Gausden a while back as I always thought he was the author of the exporter - alas he’s not.

    The sub - sub - objects are killing me now - as they just force unnecessary draw calls. Honestly - it’s probably not that big a deal when it’s only the locomotive - just me being obsessive on best performance. Most models produced give very little consideration to performance.


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    Problem is, and I already pointed that out many times to the developers, we really need to move away from the MSTS-shape format towards something new. Away with the cursed sub-objects, in with a better new group/nested or parts-like structure.

    But no dice after 3 years of asking to put this on the roadmap, it always get pushed away instead for implementing obscure cabview controls/dials, cant in curves, .. I don't see it happen anymore, unless some of the Czech/Russian forks of OR go their own way and become a seperate sim on themselves.

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    Hi Scott,

    Alas, I wish you had the time and/or courage to use Blender. I do not want to be branded as an evangelist here with this. 3DC had its time, and as we both know the MSTS exporter was not Paul's. As we both know, Richard is MIA for any 3DC fixes/updates. Given how COVID times have taken so very much away from us all, maybe this fall is time for a model making renaissance through Blender. You will find Wayne's exporter quite useful and you have the source code to modify things to your own taste. On top of that, Wayne has been so very helpful with Blender "luddites" such as myself to support a version of Blender that most do not use!

    In reference to a previous post on this subject, yeah, I have tried those HUGE models in OR, just to see if a million polygons was possible, well, it crawled in OR! Who said anything about using it in MSTS, of course not! Compiling HUGE models in 3DC brought the program to its knees and beyond. I really thought at the time that nobody would be foolish enough to repeat my "experiment".


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