You guys are so right on the mark with pushing the limits. I looked at Derail Valley once and I may want to take a look at it again. Seemed a little strange and far from protypical but in the case of track speed on curves it does a good job physics wise of doing what would happen and that is derail. Not that I want to see blood and gore, or people hitting cars and that kind of nonsense that is tramatic for crews. How many tracks a train might block is important in planning and operations. If a train hit another track for example it would immediately take out the other track until repaired. If the clearance was too tight same thing. Even if it was clear slow orders would be in place around it due to equipment working etc.

Kind of reminds me of ATS when a road is closed. You have to take a detour. Now I'm not a big fan of not knowing ahead of time. For example truckers would know well in advance due to the CB, warning signs, broadcast etc. Trains on the other hand would have daily operating bulletins, and system plans for rerouting if necessary on other subdivisions which would be kind of cool.

Anyways I'm drifting off topic again and you know what happens when that happens But to go back to the original poster we really have no idea what V3 is going to have period.

I'll open another subject over in general as I have plenty on my mind tonight that deserves a topic of it's own.