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Thread: Freelance Using DEM

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    I thought I seen Virtual Sailor but I'll take a look again. eSail apparently is something if you haven't seen it has the physics out there. Kind of like the Run8 of sailing sims, simply the best.

    I noticed UK Sim's review of both of these titles and had a similar opinion of Sailaway. In fact his review of eSail is in the trailer. I don't know how to sail (but what prompted me to look into it is my desire if I ever had the money and could afford it to sail around the world). Probably not happening in my lifetime. I'll be fortunate to have a homestead in Northern Ontario along with the black bears and biting insects



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    My other fondness is for sports management simulation, either football (soccer), cricket or rugby union. Currently keeping an eye on Football Manager 21 which is £40 on Steam, waiting for a sale. I’ve also heard good things about Out The Park Baseball (American cricket!) in terms of both the management side and the match engine.

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