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Thread: Newbie to Route Editing: DEM data Problems

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    Question Newbie to Route Editing: DEM data Problems

    G'Day All!

    Before writing anything, I just want to say currently I have very less (or no?) idea of route building in TSRE5.
    Well, I started making my first route. I set up the following:
    1. Set up a new route in TSRE5.
    2. Download .hgt files, create terrain from .hgt files (with the checkbox checked to create terrain from Geodata).
    3. Download the map layers for a few tiles to start with.

    However, see the river (see the attached OSM map) at the bottom left side of the map. My nerves say that the land at that point should be lower (for the river). However, the DEM data just, is different. It's all plain and doesn't show that there's a river there. Cannot understand what's happening.

    Pardon my English as I know this might now let some people understand what I'm trying to say.
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    I have seen the same thing in my route editing. I load and enable the map so I can see where the river runs then just adjust the terrain manually. You can adjust the water level as needed by editing the tile properties.


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    DEM data is just a collection of the average heights of a certain region in a route. It can be used to give your route accurate gradients, but since it's just an average, it will not be precise at all. So land cuts, rivers, tall buildings and other immediate terrain changes will not be included, and these need to be created manually, even in a DEM-based route.

    I wish you all the best for your route! Do update us regarding its progress as and when you can.
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    The issue is really the .hgt data. I use DEMEX to generate terrain from geotiff files downloaded
    from USGS since I have not yet done routes outside the "lower 48". However I did generate terrain
    from .hgt files for two possibly future routes in South America and noticed the same issue. Unless
    you can find geotiff (it is higher resolution than .hgt) files you probably got your best answer from
    others. Recently I did generate terrain in central Kentucky that covers the area of a railroad I used
    to work for. In 1963, there was completed, a major line relocation that involved a cut nearly 150
    feet deep. This does not show in the geotiff data which may have been generated from data older
    than 1963. However, I just laid the track at the correct level and will use the "Y" key to sculpt the
    final result. Now about 50 miles south, there was a line relocation that involved a number of deep
    cuts and these appear using geotiff data, as well as the old route. Sometimes it is like casting
    dice, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

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    G'day all! Thanks for all the replies, I just manually made those. Work is progressing really good
    Well, I ran into another minor problem. In the MSRE, I could simply press H and bring an object to the terrain level. But how I do that in TSRE?
    Asking this in the same thread because I don't want to litter around with my infinite posts :P (I understand this journey will be a lot hard than repainting.)

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    Gd Morning,

    The ' F ' key does that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    Gd Morning,

    The ' F ' key does that.

    Well, the 'F' key makes the terrain stick to the object. I want the object to automatically align itself to the ground level, i.e. the terrain level.

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    I think H still does that in TSRE

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebnertra000 View Post
    I think H still does that in TSRE
    Ah yes, it does.

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