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    About 10 years ago, I tried my hand at making UP coaches and a dome car from the SLI Via Budd cars. With a new computer and 10 more years of texturing experience I decided to resurrect the project and start over from scratch. So far, I have one car completed, but diving into this I realized just using the Via cars would not work. There will be F/A work to get proper details on the cars. These also feature completely redone 2048 textures.

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    Looks good. I've got a set of FA's with the various car names and numbers for Gaetan's freeware UP set, but will be interested to see how these come out.

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    Hey, are these Cars Available.
    Thanks Hunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterdan06 View Post
    Hey, are these Cars Available.
    Thanks Hunter

    No not yet. Give him time. Remember it took 10 years for a revival of the project.
    Iowa Chicago and Eastern Mason City Sub

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