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    This is likely ancient news, or not news at all - but its new to me, so-

    With approx 1800 hours hauling coal up and down steep mountain grades on the Sand Patch and the Clinchfield, I decided to see how the "FlatLanders" were living. They are living good! Oakville Subdivision.
    Don't get me wrong, I choose to slug it out in the mountains and it is still my primary interest. But I have to tell you, running on 8 and going 60 mph is something we don't get to do in the mountains. I have spent many mountain hours running on 8 and fighting to make 15 mph. I won't even start talking about the down hill challenges.

    So, if that is what I love, then why is flat land interesting? I'm not really sure it is, but I am sure that Oakville makes it interesting and fun to me. The trains are neither heavy nor long, and the yards are flat (0.0). But, there is a lot to look at and the engine is great!. I wish I had 4 of those on Clinchfield. It is basically a Geep but more modern and seems to respond to the helm a lot better.
    The scenarios and timelines are also refreshingly short. Much more in line with how much time I have to spend per session. Because the timelines complete in 30 minutes, as opposed to 1:30:00 I dont have to hit save and return later. I think we all understand the risks involved with using the save feature.

    I (we) spend a lot of time ragging on the publishers and developers. When I see something I think is good, feel I should say so. I have not looked to see who published this, but whoever it was obviously spent a lot of time on it. In particular the environment (scenery). It's not about eye-candy. Its about the detail.

    OK - advertisement complete.
    have a great day.


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    Living 30 minutes from nearby Hamilton I was attracted to that view from the GO Transit teminal thinking this was going to be special. Turned out to be nothing special in my opinion.

    As far as I know the speed limits are still relatively calm at 30 or yard speed other than that. The portion east of Burlingston at the junction is where things speed up but the AI is simply not prototypical in the least. Nor is the activities that come with this.

    There is only 2 mainline trains east of Bayview Jct towards Niagara and that is 421 and 422 which are typically 2 miles long. There is a few switchers that can travel beyond to access the industries and the harbour but that is it. As for the north side of the lake Burlington West (the junction) east of Aldershot yard is where all mainline traffic from Niagara, and London/Sarnia head off towards Mac Yard. There are no mainline through trains that head on the Oakville Sub east of this junction.

    The mass majority of traffic is VIA and GO, but also they are not included in this "simulation". If you can live with that and head over to the harbour there is an invisible wall by the water that doesn't allow you to switch many of the port industries.

    This almost got me into TSW the 1st time. If they ever offer it for free as well I might take a look. But to be honest I probably wouldn't waste my time.

    Still I hope you enjoy this regardless.


    Rail Transport Systems for Run8 Train Simulator V3

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