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    Hi I have problem with some milepost not showing in Track monitor Window when im using OR . I see them beside the tracks but some wont show up about 4 of them in a row in Track Monitor. If i Press Ctrl-M for manual they only show up after i pass them then when I stop and reverse back pass the milepost so its in front it still wont show. It works fine in MSTS. I reinstalled the tracks and mile post in the affected area and it didnt change anything.

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    You might get a reply if you said what route you are having the problem with and what mileposts are not showing.


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    I have had this on a milepost shape I made on a route I built, but it's inconsistent through the route, and I've never found a solution. An eastbound won't see them on the track monitor, but a westbound in the same place will

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    Its on a route im working on Its from Amherst NS to Matapedia Quebec. Its the same for me one direction its fine and the other direction I wont see them.

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