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Thread: Windows 11 is coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipperman View Post
    Hi Steve,
    Sorry, mate, but I don't know the answer to that one! As far as I can remember, I have had to re-install Win 10 once and used the free telephone service to re-activate it. I had no problem downloading an updated version after entering my Win 10 serial code.
    Thanks anyway Ged, I've registered an account with Microsoft, but not activated anything yet, will keep it handy if I ever need it in the future.

    Cheerz. Steve.
    i7 10700k 3.8GHz Eight Core CPU, Gigabyte Z590 AORUS ELITE AX, 32GB RAM, nVidia RTX3060ti 8GB, WIN10 PRO 64-bit. 10xTB in HDDs total.

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    I have win10 and have not had any problems with it. I built my own machine and installed the OEM version which helps in that I didn't get the usual junkware you get when you buy a machine with it already installed. I appreciate the faster boot up over win 7. All the various tools like control panel are there, just a little harder to find them. I only run OR.

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    I have already updated one pc to windows 11

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    I posed a question to my friend (and supplier) today about Win-11 and he told me that you would need at least
    a new Mobo to run it, if not a new PC. There is some kind of chip or chip set required that older PCs do not have.
    I am considering going to Win-10 but I will have to get a new video card to do that. As I understand it, the
    Win-10 ATI drivers are not compatible with MSTS, but Nvidia drivers are. I don't do much running other than
    to test new routes that I create which is my main interest. So can any of the smarter ones, PC-wise on here
    recommend a relatively low-end Nvidia based video car. My supplier says he can get them, but just needs
    to know which one, and of course price is a bit of an issue. Considering what I saw earlier in this thread,
    I may get on Win-10 on pain of flogging or such.

    My current PC was originally on XP and my friend built & supplied it, in a server case, in 11/2010. Then
    in 2015, we upgraded to a new Mobo, more memory, and Core I3 processors with Win-7. I have 3
    internal physical drives with the larger (1.5T) partitioned into the "C" and "K" drives. MSTS is on the
    "K" drive under the root, 1MSTS. There are 3 clones on one of the other drives. I do my creative
    efforts on the "K" drive. I have a smaller PC that still has XP on it as backup. I bought it from my
    friend in 2015.

    He told me that last Monday (12/6) he ordered 4 video cameras for his professional clients and they were
    $199 each. Then other clients wanted them so he ordered 4 more from the same source later in the
    week and they were $250 each. Insane. He supports small businesses from Brunswick, Ga to Dayton
    Beach, FL but does his friends at church for cost.

    J. H. Sullivan
    aka landnrailroader
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    Hi Jerry,

    If you still run MSTS, I would not upgrade the hardware yet.
    To get to win11 will require a new mb, cpu and memory.

    If you can wait til the day when you no longer use MSTS the upgrade path is easier.
    If that day is not going to come for you, that it gets complicated as you suggest.

    I don't use MSTS and have just retired my 2010 machine with win7 for a new AMD 5600x and a 2070 gpu, cost $US1500.
    It will only run win10, win11 has made some security changes that I don't like.
    I am used to maintaining old OS's

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    Thanks Derek. My current machine is a 2015 upgrade of a 2010 machine. I am going to have to replace my 2 CD/DVD read-write units and two of the
    internal disk drives are from 2010. In 2017 or so, I had a beginning failure of the "C" drive which was a 500G drive. My supplier
    replaced it with a 1T drive, partitioned as I said earlier. Given what has been said, I think I will stay with Win-7 as what I have is
    stable. My supplier keeps the system disc (professional version) and so he could rebuild it as a win-7 machine if that was
    necessary. I have asked him about replacing the read-write units as well as replacing the two older disk drives with a SSD if
    possible, or if not, with another partitioned disk. Having once ran trains in 1:1 scale, during strikes on the Southern 45 years or more
    ago, I don't get that much thrill out of running MSTS but I do enjoy route creation and have several under "construction" so a very
    powerful gaming machine is not required.

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    I rebuilt my main PC early this year to move from a core2 extreme (2007 model, running Win10 happily) to a more modern 10th-gen CPU - retaining the ancient nVidia GPU because I'm not going to pay scalper prices for one (decent recent GPUs these days cost more than the motherboard, RAM, and CPU I bought). I'm very happy with how ORTS works on it, in Win10. It does have all the stuff needed for Win11, but I don't plan on moving right away. There's lots of info around about what you need, but for practical purposes you need a recent CPU (at least 8th/9th gen Intel or later Zen2 AMD iirc), more RAM (4GB is now bare minimum to boot not recommended minimum so bump all other recommendations up a notch), and the security stuff (TPM, Secure Boot) needs to be enabled. It's still very close to Win10 under the hood, so tweaks needed with 10 would still be needed with 11.

    Those who bought or built a computer more than a couple of years ago are probably SOL due to the processor limitations. But there's no real problem right now because Win10 will still be supported until 2025.

    Lots of legitimate complaints about MS requiring major hardware upgrades in the midst of a supply crunch. Also about user interface changes. There is some phase-in time, though; I figure on moving (on the main computer) after other stuff gets replaced that comes with 11.

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    same here. it's work good.

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