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    G'day all, I used to use a site which was very good for finding Indian stock it was "" but I can no longer load it, I just get the "This site can’t be reached" message, has it gone or have they changed there address? I have been installing some routes and activities lately and finding the route/activity needs is very difficult, I may stop my endeavours with Indian route/activity's until some thing comes along to assist in finding our needs.

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    Hang in there, Indian Trainsim people do things differently, according to their experience
    but they are fine honorable people and we will get there.

    I have no knowledge of what happened to ""perhaps there was not
    enough support for the site.

    I have noticed that the community tend to do things according to their individual
    experience, for instance in response to a request for a download link I received a photo
    of the URL, which is about a million :-) chars long and a mix of upper and lower case so it
    is difficult to tell the difference between some letters, I am on my 9th try to get it right.

    One issue I have a problem with is their use of WhatsApp and or YouTube to communicate,
    it just doesn't work for me....

    But I love the work..


    Daniel - Sydney (Glad I'm not in Townsville)
    It used to be my favourite place in the world.

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    How To download this two files & please share the links

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    G'day, those zip files are not here at TrainSim as I just did a search and nothing. I don't know of anywhere to find them since vanished.

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