I've downloaded the free version of the Mactier Route from Train Simulations. Unfortunately, the free version comes with no activity, so I downloaded some from the trainsim library. I decided to start with one named mactieractivitypack.zip, because it contains six activities. I've installed the one named CP 101-04 I've downloaded all the freeware stock listed in the documentation, but there's quite a lot of payware stock it needs that I don't have, so I'm going to have to substitute. When I pointed Route Riter at it to do a "quick consist check," I got the error message:
The route Start-up graphic mcatier.dds is missing.
This WILL cause your route to fail when starting it in MSTS.
Route Riter goes ahead and gives me the long list of missing rolling stock, so evidently I've got the route installed properly, and Open Rails sees the name of the route, at least, but the file "mactier.dds" is in the Textures folder, in the Snow and Wintersnow folders. Where should it be to satisfy Route Riter?