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Thread: Quick drive route issue on London - Faversham highspeed route

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    Exclamation Quick drive route issue on London - Faversham highspeed route

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to set up a stopping quick drive route on the London-Faversham high speed route and no matter what I try I cannot get the line to route in to gravesend platform 1 - it always routes me through gravesend loop 1 and I have no idea why.

    The route goes from st. Pancras to Straford Platform 3 and then ebbsfleet platform 6 - all of this works perfectly. From Ebbsfleet platform 6 it will not route to gravesend platform 1 even though there is a switch point just before the station that works just fine in a normal scenario!

    All hints here? Is this a bug with that route and quick drive?


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    And I have found a solution and resolved this.

    Appreciate the help from the community.

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    And why not share it with the community?

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