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Thread: Troubles for a new TRSE user

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdonald1 View Post
    On the "Show:" line you should have a choice of "Consists" or "Activity Consists". Selecting "Consists" should give you a list of all consists in your MSTS Consist folder. Are you saying that there is no choice to select "Consists"? If so, check that you are selecting the correct folder containing Trainset when you start to open TSRE-CE (c:1msts in my case). Don't know if this helps or not.

    I have both choices available. I had initially thought "activity consists" should be similar to the Conbuilder function, where one can check the player consist, and associated AI consists.
    I'm warming up to the idea of using TSRE and Conbuilder as "partners" in order to accomplish the task of creating consists of one's own choice.
    I believe that, using this method, I'll be able to accomplish my goals.
    Thanks again to all who contributed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by crstagg View Post
    Seems like I already answered that question either in this forum or on Goku's forum. BUT I cannot find it. And I cannot remember how it is done w/o having TSRE-CE running. We are on vacation and I only have my Surface Go with me. I can and have run ORTS on the Surface but with the limited HD space I do not care to keep a copy of my TS installs on it. So no reason to have TSRE on the Surface either. Will try to remember to post here when we get back home in 5 days.
    Back home with TSRE-CE open. I must have been thinking of something else. YES, there is no way using just the TSRE-CE to select an activity then see a list of Player and Traffic consists. One could open both the TSRE-AE and the TSRE-CE at the same time. Use the TSRE -AE to find the Player and the Traffic consists. The player can be found fairly easy, but finding the traffic is quite complicated. Which ever one must remember the CON name and then go to the TSRE-CE and locate the consist vice with ConBuilder all one need to do is click on either the Player or one of the Traffic CONs listed for that ACT and it is opened in the CE editor.

    TSRE_AE process
    Locate Player:
    Open TSRE
    Select install
    Select Route
    Menu "tools" then "Activity" (or F4 key)
    Select Activity from pulldown
    Click on Open Service Editor
    note that the Player Service is selected.
    Player consist is listed on right side of of the SE dialog

    To find Traffic
    from the point of finding the Player Consist
    Notice in the SE dialog on the left side is a list of services
    to the right are two columns with check marks the first column is named "This" and the other "Any"
    This refers to the selected Activity so the one with check marks are the Player and the Traffic Services.
    Select one of the other(s) with checks and you will select a Traffic Service
    No the Consist Listed in right side of the SE dialog is that Traffic Consist.
    Now you have the name of a Traffic consist.

    If any one knows an easier way to go this in the TSRE please post it.

    To do the same in ConBuilder:
    Open CB to install
    Open "Consists from Activities dialog by clicking icon that looks like a pie chart or from Menu choose "Tests" and "Activities"
    Select Route
    Select Activity
    Consists will be listed in the bottom box of dialog with Player or Traffic annotation
    (Missing consists will be listed in top right box of the dialog)
    To open a consist in the editor just double click on name.

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    Can't help with TSRE but in a similar situation I find that RouteRiter can provide most of the information connected to an activity.
    Select your route, select Activities/Stock tab, select Check Acts for Selected Route tab. First you get a page showing missing stock (if there is any). Exit that page and you get a spread sheet showing Traffic, Consists, Services and Paths for each Activity. Clicking on a consist name will show the stock for that Activity. The first consist listed for an activity is the Player Consist the rest are Traffic consists. Click on the Activity name will show all the Loose Consist items for that Activity. Unfortunately it is just one long list of stock items not broken down by each Loose Consist name or number.


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