Hello folks,
It's been challenging, but I have managed to install TSRE and have a look around, and it is very impressive, indeed.
My issue may be related to my long term use of Conbuilder, where one is able to check and alter consists in activities, while being able to view the player and all the AI traffic, and even loose consists.
I've so far been unable to find player or AI consists in TSRE, only loose consists. When I attempt to click on "activity consists", nothing happens, and if anything does, it is loose consists that pops up.
Is there a way to access player and AI consists here?

Another issue.....when I attempted to use the help tab, I got only error messages, nothing was there.

Thanks for looking....I have great hopes for this program...it is huge to be able to see all equipment contemplated for a run, especially as compared to doing it blind over at Conbuilder.