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Thread: SimRail 2021 demo version released today 01-10-2021.

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    Default SimRail 2021 demo version released today 01-10-2021.

    Saw that SimRail have released a demo version of their new railway simulator today, so, I downloaded it. There have been a few complaints already about the graphics lag, which when you look at the overhead catenary and knitting it is a bit blotchy, but, my only problem is that all it lets you do is drive a Polish electric multiple unit from Warsaw south for about 150 kilometres, which I could do in Trainz, nearly 20 year's ago. There is no access to despatcher, or, multiplayer, so, in essence, this is exactly the driving game we get now from TSW2, so, it doesn't offer you the chance to see ''under the hood'' of this game, do we have access to the routes and to be able to put our own trains together and change junctions manually, etc, etc, which is what we can do currently in TS2022. So, I'm personally not convinced that this is going to be a better railway simulator, or, not, we'll just have to wait and see, especially, on players feedback, but, I'd be extremely disappointed to have to spend £40-£50 on the real thing when it gets released and then find out it isn't what I want, just be aware.....

    Cheerz. Steve.
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    Yeah thanks for sharing, I'll pass myself at this time. I hear there are some other versions of stuff we already have in development. So far nothing interests me. Still trying to build up the confidence and energy to break through and do something myself. Easier said than done.



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    Thanks Steve, just started downloading the demo.

    Yma O Hyd

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