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Thread: American or European routes in progress

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    I have a few.. Tinkering on them here and there.. Some may be released publicly, others are currently static displays for certain equipment..

    1) Maine Central Mountain Division (Portland, ME to St. Johnsbury, VT, plus Beecher Falls, VT, based in 1978-1982 era)
    This line will be done and released in it's entirety.

    2) Canadian Pacific Railway Moosehead Subdivision. (Jackman, ME to Brownville Jct, ME, based in the 2021 era)
    Currently just to be a 10-15 mile display case to show off equipment of the CPRS from TrainSimulations, and others.

    3) Eastern Maine Railway[NBSR] Mattawamkeag Subdivision (Brownville Jct, ME to Vanceboro, ME, based in the 2021 era)
    Currently just to be a 10-15 mile display case to show off equipment of the NBSR, EMRY, NMRY.

    4) Maine Central Rumford Branch (Leeds Jct, ME to Rumford, ME, Based in 2021, for my fictional route, wont be released)
    This is something I have always wanted since I got involved. After several fails and retries, loss of route from computer issues, etc, it's a small 45 mile route I want to tinker on for my fictional/freelance railroad.

    5) VRS Rutland Terminal (Hoosick Jct, NY to Burlington, VT and Whitehall, NY to Bellows Falls, VT via Rutland, VT, 2018-2021 era)
    This is a large task in it self, including four different subdivisions of the Vermont Railway System, and three branch lines. Roughly 215 miles.

    6) Pan Am Southern Patriot Corridor (Ayer, MA to Rotterdam Jct, NY, 2018 era)
    I originally started this several years ago as an attempt to have for Maple Leaf Tracks, as an addon towards their D&H route. Hoping to pick this up again with all new terrain and push forward, but not for MLT.

    Main focus are the MEC Mountain Division, and VRS Rutland Terminal. The rest are just something I tinker on here and there to take a break from these two so I don't get totally burned out focusing on one route.

    Personally I still want to take on the task of Guilford Rail Systems entire line from Mattawamkeag, ME to Rotterdam Jct, NY, split into their original "four" districts, based in the 2001-2005 era, before Pan Am became involved, but, that's high hopes, and well over 1000 miles of track to deal with, including several large yards such as Waterville, Rigby, East Deerfield.. Meh.

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    At the top of the Route Design Forum there's a "What US Routes are Underway" sticky. Just thought I'd point it out.

    But since you asked, I'll report (it's discussed elsewhere) that I'm extending the Blue Comet Lines. Elizabethport to Newark is done, and building westward from Elizabethport I have finished track and scenery (no interactive objects) as far as Belle Mead. Once I reach West Trenton I intend to build from Bound Brook to Bethlehem.
    Steve Dunham
    Alexandria, VA

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    Cal-P: Last work done was adding a branch line between Elmira and Capay (serving Vacaville, Winters, and no where in particular before Capay). Track got just past Winders.

    Goose Island: Trying to lay streets in downtown Chicago has been messed up by a bug in TSRE which uses the XYZ path data from the tsection file instead of the shapes own XYZ origin point to place the object on the ground. The issue here is I'm using arched road shapes and so the path has to be above the shapes origin. Aside from that mess I continue to add city-block sized model to the downtown area and so I have something in 56 of 86 of the city blocks that surround the elevated tracks of the Loop. This, plus the Milwaukee Trackage that runs from south of Union Station several miles to the north should result in a route with a huge amount of freight switching, the CTA elevated trains circling the loop and all of the Chicago Surface lines (streetcars) tracks inside the loop.

    It's very clear that this will be a route you rotate your monitor to portrait mode to operate as the side to side view blocks are 40 or 50 feet away but the buildings you pass are 150-600 feet high.

    Gotta find a solution for those streets....
    Dave Nelson

    Seldom visiting, posting less often that that.

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    Continuing to chip at the Industries along the Erie:
    Open Rails 2021-07-12 08-19-28.jpg

    Ramapo Wheel and Foundry, Ramapo, NY. Haven't made the trillion poly railroad car wheel models they kept in their backyard yet.

    Open Rails 2021-07-15 05-04-36.jpg

    Industries at Hillburn. Town was across the river, out of sight here on the left. On the left is Rockland Power, Hillburn, though a seal wax manufacturer is in the near building by 1920. It used to be the Gas generation plant. The slabs on the right are for Ramapo Iron Works, mfr of the Ramapo Switchstands.

    Open Rails 2021-07-15 05-05-36.jpg

    Pulled back for the Ramapo Iron Works Car shop of 1920.


    Main Hall of American Brake Shoe, located between Mahwah, NJ and Suffern, NY.
    Making stuff that works, using outdated Software on outdated Hardware.

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    I still have a few routes in the works that I'm plugging away on:

    • Northshore/LTV is slowly progressing, but things are getting done. I was actually up on a recon trip last weekend.
    • CN's Northern MN (former DMIR and DWP) is moving a bit more slowly, but is progressing.

    I also have several routes in early production that may or may not ever be finished:

    • BNSF Lakes and Casco Subs
    • BNSF Hinckley Sub. plus some now-removed branches and St. Croix Valley RR
    • BNSF Brainerd Sub.
    • Soo Brooten and Bemidji Subs
    • Soo Danbury and Barron Subs
    • NP line from Brainerd to Int'l Falls, MN (former Minn. & International)
    • NP line from Duluth/Superior to the Twin Cities
    • A big mess of former logging lines across the Arrowhead region that I'm using as a semi-fictional route

    If I don't make the attempt to finish them, they'll find their way to the F/L

    On the subject of objects, I also have a few of those in the works:

    • Yet more signal systems
    • Signal control boxes
    • A basic set of traffic lights
    • Crossing signal shape upgrades, along with some new stuff
    • Some more traffic signs (route markers are due for release soon)

    I'd like to revisit some bridges (moar glulam!!!!!!), and get more shapes done for the MSTS replacement project, but I don't know when I'll get to those

    And I've always got a few sounds I'm tinkering with

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    Default Another route segment

    The Southern Rwy. line from Cincinnati to Chattanooga is owned by the City of Cincinnati as their
    "Cincinnati Southern" which dates from around 1880. Originally there were 27 tunnels and some
    spectacular grades. The 3rd district is almost done and I now face a dilemma. I would like to
    use Travis' correct SR/NS signal rules but to do so will make the route ORTS only and will require
    (I assume) that any new activities be created with TSRE. I don't know how to create activities
    with TSRE, so regrettably I'll probably use the more default items. I'm also looking at the rules
    a lad used when he did the Charlotte to Greensboro line.

    So today, I finished all the track on the 1st District, Cincinnati to Danville. Over the years there
    have been many significant line changes, mostly to reduce curvature and eliminate "rat holes",
    i.e. tunnels, so today, only 4 remain, 2 on the 2nd district and 2 on the 3rd district.

    The only tunnel on the first district was eliminated by a line change between Wilmore and
    Danville, which was also double track. The old line change turns off at the north end of the KY
    River "High Bridge" and extended about 4.5 miles to the south end of Wilmore. There is a lot
    of industry along this line including the huge Toyota plant north of Georgetown. I have included
    all the industry currently seen on Google Earth. This Toyota complex extends almost 3 miles
    and has several yards. I did down size a bit in the number of yard tracks, otherwise it is pretty

    So now it is back to the 3rd district for a while to try to complete that segment. One tunnel
    was eliminated by a deep cut in 1939. That was #27 and otherwise did not involve a line
    change. Tunnel 26 was bypassed by a new tunnel to improve clearances & reduce curvature
    in 1963. Tunnel 25 was enlarged in-place in 1963.

    J. H. Sullivan

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