Wondered if anyone else is trying this out? I made the mistake (!) of falling for the Season Pass at the last minute and got this along with Boston to Providence (which I haven't really tried) and Dresden to Riesa which I call dreary Dresden because it is yet another flat modern German route running the same plastic trains that are already in the game.

Back to Brighton, the route is nice but far too ambitious for the capabilities of TSW.

Many players including myself experiencing severe stuttering and sound drop outs. The timetable is very fragile, the sheer number of trains is overwhelming the programme and leading to stand offs or the train service simply falls apart. I found this the case particularly reloading a saved game even though my service restored okay, other trains do not which then throws out any sequencing and order again putting the AI signaller into meltdown.

On an aesthetic level, the Class 377 and 387 are bland modern electric units, no real challenge to drive = plastic trains. If you go round to Reigate the scenery isn't even finished, at the east end of the station leading off stage to the "portal" the level crossing isn't even in place where the main road crosses the railway.

Rush Hour was a great marketing idea but just falls down in the face of the poor platform it runs on.