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    Is this a legitimate site? I got the code but when I tried to download the product it said download is expired. Should I dispute the charges as I have not gotten a response? Does anyone here know if this is a scam? Thank you

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    Skyline Computing is legit, myself and many others have been using their "activity master" and "activity generator" for many years, also the templates that go with these excellent utilities. Steve Davis, may not answer directly --- be patient...all I have is the business email address, other members may have other ways to get a message to him...hopefully one of them will post here.
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    Thanks for the reply I hope He will get in touch somehow. I know $15. is not much but to some people it's alot LOL.

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    It's a one-man show and my observation of late is that Steve is slow in getting things done (he has a busy full time job and travels). But as others said, it is worth it and not a scam

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    skyline computing download is not a scam. i bought activity master and it really works if you have missing consists or want to replace your consists


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    Well dang I think I got it. You have to go to website and use password it gave me not the download link it gave me.

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