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Thread: replacing diesel with steam.

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    Hi Barrie,

    Sounds like a plan - I'm not sure how the Feather River planted trees but I just came across this ORTS setting this week - "ORTSUserPreferenceForestClearDistance (1)" - when put in a "trk" file - it offsets "forest" trees from the track by the given distance. There's another parameter to do the same with roads but I don't have it handy. Works like a champ.

    I didn't know Derek posted his files here - very cool. There seems to be some of his newer work missing - like the CBQ Hudson that the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago contacted Derek to build an exhibit around (his work is that good) or his CQQ ten wheeler that has a functioning 3D virtual cab. Yeah - just download his WP stuff and start making copies of the original Feather River activities using his locomotives - the 2-8-8-2 and 2-6-6-2 are the heavy lifters. You need them for the grades. Then - if you find you like steam - you could start looking for more period appropriate rolling stock.

    Best of luck.


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    Good day all, these are the lines I have in my track file.
    ORTSUserPreferenceForestClearDistance ( 2 )
    ORTSUserPreferenceRemoveForestTreesFromRoads ( 1 )


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    G'day Scott, the locos I was referring to, Derek is part of a group that put these locos together, but they are very nice looking locos.

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