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Thread: Where's Goku?

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    Anybody familiar w/ C# (or even interested from a C++ or Java background) would be probably be received warmly by the OR team. I'm sure there is a "want to help link?" on the OR web site.
    Dave Nelson

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexhill View Post
    When I worked with Piotr a few years ago to get the build of TRSE to work I had trouble getting Qt to build but eventually got it to work after setting some paths.

    Add these paths to your system environmental variable PATH:


    replace yourMinGW with proper path

    If your path to qmake looks like this then it is ok:

    If you have everything installed:

    1. Open Netbeans.
    2. Click "Team->Git->Clone"
    3. Enter repository adress: and
    your login and password for bitbucket
    4. Next, ok ...
    5. Enjoy playing with source code!

    To build app you will probably need to edit configuration.
    1. Right click on TSRE5 -> Properties
    2. Build -> Manage Configuration -> select Release and click "set
    active" button and press ok.
    3. In Tool collection you should have MinGW_QT_5.7.0_Static. If you
    don't have, click the [...] and make new like this:

    Attachment 82386

    Click "Build Project" button.

    If you downloaded and installed Netbeans, download required tools and libs:

    5.7.0 is static build of QT 5.7.0. Download and extract to
    It has to be this path because it is hardcoded during compilation. If
    you want put it somewhere else, you must build your own QT from

    MinGW is g++ compiler and gnu tools. Download and extract. Best in:
    But if you must, you can put it in other place.
    Yeah, followed your steps and got nowhere.

    The bitbucket repository won't open, however github will.

    Once the source is open, I can't build a project.... very frustrating coming from a C# background.
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    This QT static build is outdated. TSRE now uses 5.7.1 with openssl and websockets.
    For your own purposes you can just install QT from their website and build TSRE using dynamic QT libs. Static build is required only for sharing the app to other users.
    On Linux I use QT 5.15 and it works great. But for Windows older than 10, better stick to 5.7.1

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