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Thread: Xtrack Switches?

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    Switchstands are what prompted me to abandon XTracks for Scalerail... too much extra work for each switch vs "once and done"

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    Since I use M-tracks for more accurate long turnouts and curves, I don't use scale rail.
    I do have it loaded in my system so that any routes created by others, I can operate.

    At least 90% of the routes I have done, or will do, are routes for which I have track
    charts. I do not like to use dynamic track except in peculiar or unusual situations.
    Track charts tell me the degree of curve I am coming to. For example a 4 degree
    curve. What this means is that a 100 ft. chord of the curve will have a central angle
    of 4 degrees - it is a method of surveying curves, railroad or road. Well a 4
    degree curve will have a radius of 436.5 meters, so if I want to be accurate I must
    use dynamic track, and on my first 2 routes, now in the library, I did that.
    M-tracks came out around 2005 or so, and has several curves identified by degree,
    so if I want a 4 degree curve, I just select the pieces. Unfortunately the creator
    quit not long after creating the pieces but now I can usually use either the nearest
    "degree" piece or the nearest "radius" piece and be close.

    On the subject of turnouts, in the U.S. we typically use #10 turnouts for manual
    turnouts leading to a siding or industry track. I use the 10d150r series which I
    believe came from X-tracks just because they are a little more compact than the
    10d original series. M-tracks has #15, #20, & #24 turnouts and crossovers. No
    line I am interested in uses #24 turnouts to my knowledge, but all use the #15
    and/or #20 turnouts. I wish there was a #20 equilateral (i.e. wye) turnout as
    Southern and a few other roads used those at ends of double track. At the
    moment I am working on the 3rd district of the CNO&TP (Southern) which
    has #20 turnouts at the ends of double track or controlled sidings. So for
    various reasons I don't use scale track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eolesen View Post
    Switchstands are what prompted me to abandon XTracks for Scalerail... too much extra work for each switch vs "once and done"
    If you'll have a look at the ScaleRail switches used in New York Penn Station in the PRR-East route (which I did not modify in my v2 of the route)
    There is a glaring lack of proper frogs on the switches. Why this was done this way is forgotten history as the build goes back ten years now. This and the reason that switchstands are railroad specific and in SR you're no choice.
    Also I understand that ScaleRail curves do not accept the superelevation option in Open Rails.
    That's my reasons for sticking with XTracks and Roman's YTracks for their excellent looking and easy to use slip switches.

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    Thanks for all the reply.
    I stand with Eolesen Scalerail is "Better".


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    Scalerail is perfect. And that's the problem. I don't think I've ever seen perfect track.
    This is what track looks like in my world.

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    Hi rdayt,
    I like the new tracks,even looks Xtracks.
    My work is with Scalerail!


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