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Thread: Bridge set being started

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    Travis, the work you're doing on these bridge components is inspirational! I see many bridges using various combinations of concrete/steel-beam spans/piers like yours in my area. I especially like the walkways you've added.

    In a route that I've been experimenting with lately, I often end up covering whatever the bridge shape uses for a deck surface (either solid or open deck) with my own bridge track texture. This lets me control whether the span is ballasted or open deck. My open deck track texture is still solid, but has dark shadows between the ties. I add dummy rail shapes for the guard rails on the bridge sections that need them, and the result looks like this in the sim:


    If you have to compromise, modeling a solid surface on your open deck spans and texturing in the shadows could help alleviate those white gaps in the ORTS rendering. Just a thought

    - Matt
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    An update:

    I got the funny texture issue on the DPGs mostly taken care of. I may go even further on it, but I think it's fine for now. A through-plate design is in the works, albeit in early stages

    I recently traded my riveter in for a spike maul, with some interesting results...


    In order, a timber pile trestle, a sawn-lumber beam road bridge, and a timber frame trestle. The frame and pile trestle parts are interchangeable, since they both come from the same set of NP plans from around 1900

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