The mystery continues... Gerry I installed the act you posted, overwriting where necessary and then ran it but didn't get very far lol. Around mp1667 Souden West End I get a red. The switch is set for straight ahead but facing me is AI Timefreight 265 WB. Switched to manual to throw the switch to take the passing track but switch remains red in F8 monitor so can't move it. I've tried the act with the sigcfg (present in the main file and also in the OR folder) "signalnumclearahead" set at all 4s and also at the original setting of a mixture of 4s 3s and 1s, but the standoff remains. I'm beginning to suspect a corrupt download in the main route files, except that a couple of other acts have run correctly. Oh and I didn't see the Hiawatha at all when leaving Alberton.