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Thread: 'Rail Bikes' for MSTS

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    Default 'Rail Bikes' for MSTS

    From John Petillo

    Would anyone in the Content Creator community, be able to create working 'Rail Bikes' (based on the images attached here) for MSTS? It would be totally awesome to see a Rail Bike in MSTS.
    These are essentially pedal-operated (like a bicycle) 'Speeders'.
    CG image of a Tandem 2 seat R Ex Rail Bike.jpg
    Esplan 2 seat Tandem Rail Bike.jpg

    Would be real simple to create.
    No cab view needed - the view would be from the Rider's point of view.
    No sounds needed, but a 'Ding Ding' bell sound would be cool
    Does not need head / tail lights.
    Would need to have animated wheels - operable in forward / reverse directions
    Animated pedals not necessary
    Does not need couplers
    Would not need a speedometer
    Brakes controlled via 'bicycle-style' handlebar mounted brake lever.
    Can be painted in 'Safety Yellow' or 'Safety Orange' colors

    Sincerely: John Petillo

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    You could probably get away without animated wheels.... most locomotives need this because of bogies that rotate on curves, but rail bikes have no such thing.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Animated wheels would look more realistic, otherwise the rail bike would look like its 'skidding' along the track.

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