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Thread: Long Train Operation

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    Quote Originally Posted by R. Steele View Post
    That's putting a rather drastic and misleadingly negative interpretation upon the reality of the situation Shawn, because the stated development policy on the OR website ( and in discussions I've read ) show this to be the real intentions of OR development...always has been.
    From the OR website...

    The content you are so generously ---- and expertly --- offering to the community will be usable in the future ( as is everything in the TS library back to 2001 ) --- but the forward movement of OR towards more realism will hopefully continue.
    No, I'm not actually. Who in their bright mind is going to use items from 2001, let alone my recent work that will eventually become "obsolete" compared to current or future standards of ORTS, physics wise and etc.

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    Sometimes those models from 2001 or whatever are the only things out there. Not everyone has the skill or inclination to build new models. I appreciate the efforts of the dwindling number of those that do.

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