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    I have come across an oddity regarding some NAVS payware. Most of the physicis were done in Lbs, Inches, MPH, etc instead of the metric units we have normally been accustomed to. I noticed their physics data does not play well with the most recent TSRE consist editor (v.7002). Their 263,000 pounds is read as 263,000 tons, and a train of 90 of their hoppers comes in at a whopping 2.36702e7 tons. I guess that explains why I get air dumps from broken couplers upon entering the sim and just sitting there waiting for the slack to run in. lol

    When I borrowed the car physics data from a Trainsimulations 263k car, everything ran fine. A single SD70ACe was able to tug on 90 cars at about 20 mph on a relatively flat run on Ruel.

    I recall Trainsimulations briefly flirted with non-metric but subsequently returned to it..

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    The Mass line typically I leave as "131t" or "141t" depending on if the car is rated 263 or 286, loaded, and obviously 30t empty, which works out perfectly fine. A shame we can venture away from the metric units, but as we notice, the system likes to throw a fit.
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    You see Imperial units used in their freeware material as well, the NAVS stock in the File Library. It's all very well put together but the Imperial units were buggin me, especially in TSRE Consist Builder where the relevant information shows up as notation - which I'm OK with BTW, just more cluttered than it needs to be.

    Note that when the mass is displayed as pounds in Imperial units, OR sees it in-sim as pounds despite "t" showing in the TSRE CB - as long as "t" is not specified as a unit in the .wag file. I used typically long consists with these units and was still able to move along normally.

    Anyway I eventually called my good friend Notepad++ and converted it all to metric tons with no ill effects.
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