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Thread: Run8 wont run

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    Default Run8 wont run

    Im running on windows 10, more than triple of min req to run program, when i click in shortcut, a screen will pop up asking if i want to run program. after i tell it Yes, pop up screen will disappear, and noting happens.
    Ive un installed multiple time and re loaded, yet same result, nothing happens.
    any ideas? or am i just out $40 bucks

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    I would suggest an email to John Greenstone at Run 8. Uninstalling and reinstalling isn't going to help and you don't say if you have any security running like Norton or just Windows Defender. Go into your Run8 folder and look for the Run8 log and see what it says and also one other thing in your registration when you put the code in did the dot turn green.
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    I to run win 10 and like yourself have way more HP then required to operate run 8 v2. I can tell you that it runs just fine and no you didn't waste your $40 bucks because as westerngy said "email John Greenstone" em-
    I can tell you from first hand experience over the last 7 years that He is more then helpful when it comes to customer service for his product .
    A second coarse of action which may yield a quicker result is to go to join the forum and ask for help and /or search the forums as you will find answers. The community there is a gr8 bunch of folks who are very willing to help with anything run 8. forgive me for not having "the" answer but this should point you in the right direction. I have been using run8 since V1 came out and have north of 1800 hours game time and it has been one of the most stable pieces of software I've run! It has been thru 3 pc upgrades and 2 OS changes and she's still going, So Have a 'lil bit of patience You will get it running!
    cheers and happy turkey day!

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    Have you tried right clicking and running as Administrator?

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    You definitely didn't waste $40, if all else fails contact me at and I will see what I can do
    could be something simple

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