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Thread: Connecting to public server issues

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    Default Connecting to public server issues

    I'm trying to get onto one of the public servers using BNSF_Scenic route with one of my friends. One of us manages to get onto the server but then the other one cannot connect to the server. Works vice versa with either one of us. I connect, he can't connect. He connects, I can't connect. We are both using "client" instead of server.

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    Don't one of you have to "serve" the game?

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    We tried where either one of us is server, then the other is client. Both of us did it, himself, then myself. Then whoever wasn't server was client then tried to connect (he was server, I was client. We then tried myself as server, him as client). For some reason it didn't work. But I'm not sure that's what you mean by "serve".

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    When this happened to me i had a piece of rolling stock in my consist that the other person did not have.

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