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Thread: What Happened To The Sherman Hill Thread?

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    I did PM Nels a couple of days ago, but no response as I indicated above re “The Boss”. Would have thought it unlikely a by then multiple page topic would have been deleted as spam and as stated the mods have no recollection.

    I will send for Mulder and Scully!
    We, the peanut gallery don't NEED to know all the details, I understand that. BUT, if no one, Nels or otherwise didn't do this, as the website owner and as a MOD, I'd sure like to know what happened. A breech? Maybe that happened, who knows. But if that's what it was I sure hope someone addressed what was all compromised. Files is one thing, but how bout personal info. Hopefully a PM would be sent out should that ever happen. At any rate, this thing need to get back to central topic which is Sherman Hill.

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    We've discussed this among the mods and administrators and none of us can remember deleting the thread. Best we can figure is maybe it got deleted by accident, perhaps mixed in with some of the frequent spam we have to deal with.

    By the way, if you really want to get hold of me it's not hard. Just send me an email: [email protected]

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    Fair enough. We can now move forward with discussing the route.

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