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Thread: install me windows batch file not working in windows 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by R. Steele View Post
    ..................I cannot remember one with the example you posted...(I'm open to correction if you find one)..............
    ...\ROUTES\Bodiddly RR

    Other than my Main install I use a modified Install which began a a normal install from the MSTS CDs (minus the default routes) but has all the files in the Train Simulator folder deleted except a zero byte Train.EXE and the sub-folders not needed by ORTS deleted. That is then copied to a location on my SSD and named as (example ATSF Routes). If I want to install a route that has an InstallMe.Bat I installit to the "Main" then copy the route folder to the mini install.
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    >Don't tell me that after all of this time you don't have an install outside of the programs folder.

    Being an old/ancient server tech, I have never had an install on the C drive. :-)

    >It doesn't use the drive letter it uses the relative location of the folders.
    I did forget about that.

    As Charles pointed out, what I was trying to get at was the missing reg entries will cause problems with installs of other MSTS era routes and a number of utilities.

    My current install has been through win95, winxp, win2000, win7 and now sitting with win10.
    We will see how long I can stay with w10, as I had win7 for 11 years.
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    The typical installme.bat files tend to use a relative path and should run OK when launched from their normal locations -- usually dropped into the folder of whatever route they're a part of. The location of MSTS and/or the existence of its Registry entries doesn't matter in that case.

    But as Charles and Derek are pointing out, the Registry does come into play with many executable installers used by both freeware and payware.

    The installer checks the Registry for the default MSTS install path. So, either having MSTS fully installed or at least having a "dummy" Registry entry will tell the installer where the working directory structure for MSTS is. Others just assume it's "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator", so you should always check the installer's confirmation dialog where it shows the path it's going to install to, and make changes as needed. Having a Registry entry keeps most of them on-track, though, because a lot of them either check for the existence of the Registry entry and/or the existence of train.exe in the default path defined by the Registry. Without those, some installers may just quit with an error.

    Extra tip for when you're not sure what an installer is going to do in the way of dropping files -- make a complete "dummy" MSTS install with nothing but the necessary empty folders and a copy of train.exe (or a blank text file renamed to train.exe .(Make sure you have your view in Windows to show all file extensions for known file types so you're actually changing the extension when you rename.) Run the installer, pointing it to install to your "dummy" MSTS location, and then take a look at what it put in, and where. Useful especially if it's going to put something in the GLOBAL folder and possibly over-write a file -- something that can happen with routes that use different versions of ScaleRail, for instance. When you're done, you can just copy everything out to your "real" install or a mini-route and clean up your dummy folders. Or just keep a .zip copy handy and delete and replace them in an instant whenever you want.


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