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Thread: IC Heritage unit for CN

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwhall View Post
    Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck in a netherworld where some simmers--sometimes justifiable, sometimes not--doggedly hang on to MSTS, while more and more of the simming community has moved on to OpenRails. I'm in the latter group, abandoning MSTS 8 years ago. So, both payware and freeware suppliers are stuck trying to satisfy their shrinking, but important MSTS customer base, while supplying OpenRails users with viable content. That's not a great situation. Still, the biggest problem that the providers seem loathe to confront is the old, but very true retailing adage, "You can't sell out of an empty wagon." When many freeware and payware providers are now only producing a few new products a year, it's not surprising that both MSTS and OR customer bases are losing interest in either MSTS or OR. I could list about a hundred OR rolling stock products that I would purchase or download tomorrow if someone would build them. Same with routes. As to routes, nearly every route produced prior to 2010 needs a serious re-work or outright replacement. Yet even today, route builders are still using many tired old shapes from 2002 and 2003 that should have been scrapped years ago. Sadly, we are faced with a "chicken and egg" situation--producers don't want to produce stuff for a shrinking customer base, and a lack of product causes customers to lose interest in the whole product line and shrinks the customer base even more. The big bright spot is that the OR volunteer team continues to improve the sim itself.
    Well stated, I often wonder why some of the providers from our original days do not re-release their routes updated and in the OR platform. I have been around since the beginning purchasing MSTS and products from 3D Trains, 3D Trainstuff, MLT etc and these products were first rate and could be just that again of reworked and updated.
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    Regardless of the work involved in Open Rails, it's not be all and end all of simulations. How do I put this in such a way not to offend, because if you like either OR MSTS you have your reasons. I gave up MSTS just over 10 years ago when I found Run8. Though OR has fixed or improved on much of what M$ left bugged out to the masses MSTS was the most popular sim (despite others like Trainz having a following). MSTS had access to editors be it buggy etc. Run8 brought over plenty of MSTS fans including the developers you mentioned above. They can't even bring us V3 and are they really going to go back to something that is dated? As for the other developers I have no idea what they are into or doing. Remember lots of these developers were fans not corporates like M$ trying to make a fast buck.

    Another group went for the latest and prettiest graphics and gave up on some of the things that made MSTS cool. Even in the Run8 realm I gave up a couple years ago now and I know I'm not alone. Yes all of these programs will have their core audiences but for now Railroads Online is my passion. I've been over 400 hours in a sim I've owned for less than 3 months. That is quite a few hours a day. I play it 6 times a week except when I'm on a short vacation.

    There is not much money in train sims period. No serious developer is going to put money into it. They are all fans who have gone on to make some money. M$ left and you could argue Dovetail is not a fan I suppose but I wouldn't call them a serious developer either in the big realm.

    Despite my love for RO I could lose my job at any time with all the crap going on in the world today. If that happens I will likely develop my own platform like I planned on doing for the past couple of years, but never had the energy, or time. I probably could not make a living off ot it either.



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