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Thread: 2 years since last news update

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSRX View Post
    ......There are times that Sean can't get a chance to provide any update,....
    That's my point.....he's a one-person operation and yet he does take a moment to provide updates.....and it keeps our interest up and lets us know that work is progressing.
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    When I joined these Trainsim Forums back in 2017, the Run8 community was alive with members asking questions about the game, prototype operations, and sharing their enjoyment of the sim. I brought the game because of Sean Murrell's passion for the game and his regular YouTube videos showing how realistic the sim is and helping other people to consider buying it.

    The Run8 Development team were active with updates and news on their site and John would occasionally drop in with a comment, and at least back then you knew they were reading the forums and taking on ideas and requests talked about in these forums in which some of those ideas found their way into the 2nd major update for Run8 v2 and continued with the next several updates with the team posting on their site "Thank you for your feedback we really do appreciate it".

    Move on to the talk that V3 is in development as far back as 2017 and John was still reading this forum and taking on ideas, "Thanks for the suggestions guys. We're still trucking along with development. When we started programming this thing in 2009, we never thought we'd get it as far as it's come, and yet here we are taking it even further" (09-12-2018). Since then John has posted a few times here with nothing that is truly insightful into the development of the sim and what we can look forward too with his last comments being about V2 rolling stock compatibility (14-06-2021). So as you can see apart from the last update to Run8 V2 (6.12.2019) on their website we really have not had any In-Depth information from John specifically regarding V3 on this or other forums and even their own website for that matter which amounts to being thin to non-existence information for over 3 Years.

    So it's no real surprise that a community that is passionate about the sim, and willing to invest again in the product if it meets their expectations is frustrated and full of negative comments when they follow regularly for over 3 years the forums in the hopes that someone from the Run8 team will post something meaningful and interesting that can carry us over with anticipation and enthusiasm about looking forward to V3 being released.

    As far as I'm concerned whether your still playing V2 or enduring the painful waiting game for V3, the community never left Run8 or wanting to support the game and it's developers, but the Run8 development team on the other hand did leave the community.



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    Now that there's a formal announcement out, this thread gets the Ken Plaza Memorial LOCK!

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