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Thread: MSTS vs. TRAINZ...what's the difference?

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    Hi Mike --

    Thanks for that information about the latest DTG release. I have to admit I decided that I'd had enough after the previous version. While I admire the gorgeous graphics I found going up and down the "real world" routes mind numbing boring.

    My main interest in Trainz is route construction. Can I do this in TS2022 or am I restricted to what comes either built-in or what is available as payware (which, incidentally, I find grossly overpriced).

    My second interest is switching operations. As an example, the work sheet for Chuck & Joe on my latest railroad runs like this:

    It was a cruel winter that made operations extremely difficult. And dangerous. But spring is now with us and the landscape is one again bathed in greens. You have the early morning shift. As usual, you share a cup of hot coffee with The Dispatcher in his hut before heading out on the road.

    Chuck, Joe.
    I have given you the DSSP Mason Bogie 2-8-6.
    The three mine owners have agreed to pool resources as they rewire electrical equipment in their mines. Contractors will be doing the work.
    Each mine needs cable drums of electrical wiring, two for the Kohl Mine, one each for Kohl Mine #2 and the Jenn Gilpin Mine. Two flats loaded with cable drums are standing at the Erik Workshop. Deliver and unload the drums. Return the flats to Erik Workshop.
    Each mine requires one flat car loaded with block and tackle, one flat car loaded with extra equipment and one box car loaded with stuff. You will find three loaded flat cars on the Ferry Barge, three loaded flat cars at the Erik Crane Wharf, and three box cars at the Erik Freight House.
    Pick these up and leave at the mines for unloading.
    The contractors will travel in the three cabooses at the Erik Loco Light Repair.
    Spot and leave the flat cars, box cars and cabooses at the mines.
    There is no hoist for unloading the cable drum at Kohl Mine #2. The Mine Manager has asked if he can use our freight car with the crane to help with the unloading the cable drum. You will find this car at the Erik Workshop.
    Return this car to the Workshop when the cable drum has been unloaded.
    Return to the Loco Depot and sign off.

    The Yard Masters will show you where to spot the cars.

    You will need to unload the cable drums manually.

    If I do decide to purchase TS2020 can I use the Free Roam option to set up something similar -- spotting locomotives and freight cars to construct a session? Then moving them freely around? Are there any smallish switching routes available?

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    I would say Trainz is a better fit for you Phil. As you enjoy your route creation and are very good at what you do buddy.

    TS2022 has a full suite of editors, but i would say that Surveyor is more intuitive than the TS route editor.

    Yes you can use the Freeroam function, to set up all sorts of complicated scenarios Phil.

    There are some very good examples of the same, included with the freeware Wycombe Joint Line v5.

    Not sure about small shunting routes, as they are not my area of interest sorry.

    Yma O Hyd

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    For free play shunting and local traffic, Run 8 probably still the best but as mentioned previously having to do everything yourself can get tedious, along with the dazzling bright yellow terrain!

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    I've been having a blast route building in Trainz 19. The surveyor is miles easier than virtually every other sim out there, and there is an amazing assortment of content that's available.


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    For me Trainz19 was great for developing a route but then when I went to operate it despite better AI it got pretty lonely quick. I know it has MP but the only ones I've seen that do good MP for a railroad sim now is Run8 and now Railroads Online. Both are based on a saved world and not MP built on top of a single player sim. Railroads Online is still young but like Run8 in the early days has plenty of updates coming out on a regular basis. The latest update brough us a caboose model (update no payware at this time) and a landscape full of snow for the season.

    What I really like this is the ability to edit your entire network. There are about 10,000 members of the Disocrd right now and servers all over the world. I run RTS 6 nights a week. Even with just 1 person like I've had on the last 2 nights it's a blast because everything fits the network as an 1880's era steam train would be doing.

    I was riding the caboose while we kicked some cars in the yard, loaded and unloaded with the interactive industries that have actual locations you must spot the car for it to work. But your network outside how you can connect to those industries is totally up to you including mainlines, support yards.

    Despite the current map only being 16 square KMS, we spent the entire 3 hours in a much smaller area in the south tonight loading box cars with tools, flats with steel pipe all bound to oil fields where crude oil is being pumped up into the reservoir tanks.

    Here is the current map of what the RTS network look like. You can find thousands more on the same site.


    Rail Transport Systems for Run8 Train Simulator V3

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